How To Prevent A Flu

Contacting flu or cold can be very easy if proper care and attention are not given to the body. Once infected with flu, it can be hard to get it under control. The best way to deal with cold is to take preventive measures. Flu is very contagious, meaning that it can be passed from one person to another easily. People who tend to suffer the most are doctors, teachers and flight attendants. This is because they get to interact with a lot of people, some of whom may have the virus. Below are some of the precautions that can help you avoid getting a cold or contain it in case you already have it.

Measures taken

Wash your handstjdrygvjhestjdrtfg

One of the most effective ways to prevent cold is by practicing good hygiene. Learn to wash your hands more frequently or carry hand sanitizers with you. Washing your hand especially after visiting a sick person will reduce chances of contracting the virus. Doctors recommend that you run clean water on your hands first before applying soap, rub your hands together for a minimum of 20 seconds, and then rinse thoroughly using clean running water and use a clean towel to dry.

Exercise to strengthen your immune system

Exercise more to have a stronger immune system. The body needs to be active to fight off diseases. This can only be effective if you engage your body in physical activities. Studies have shown that people who value fitness and are committed to a tight workout schedule tend to catch cold less often. Doctors advise that you join a gym or find your own way of making the body active to prevent cold.

Keep you surrounding clean

etrtfhgwredrftgEnsuring that your surrounding area is clean is one of the basic things you can do. While at home, clean areas that are commonly shared like the wall switch, door knobs, and staircase rails. Make it your habit to clean and sanitize areas that are mostly used or touched as frequent as possible. While at work avoiding getting in contact with people and ensure that your working area is free from contamination. Avoid using common office stuff like candy jar since most hands pass through there and contaminate it.

Avoid crowded places

Avoid crowded places. Most people get colds because of mingling and going to a crowded place where chances of an individual having the flu virus are higher. It can be hard to pick out a person that is already infected. Therefore, that best way is to stay clear of public places and social gathering if you can. However, if you have no option you can minimize contact and if there is any, make sure to take decisive measures to prevent getting infected by using sanitizers or washing hands thoroughly.…