Hockey Stick


Having the right goalie stick could be the difference between a goal and a save. It is very important to ensure that every goaltender is using the best field hockey goalie sticks. For this to happen, some factors need to be taken into consideration. Some of the most important ones include the following:

Material And Performance

22bhfhfThe best goalie hockey stick should be made from a strong, durable material. There are types of materials from which you can choose from: foam core, wood, and composite.

Many goalie sticks are still made of wood and are quite popular too. Their greatest advantage is that they have fewer vibrations, meaning that they will help you make a lot of saves. They are good at controlling rebounds and are a lot cheaper. However, they can break easily.

Composite goalie sticks are built for strength. Also, lower end composite sticks are quite thick, but the higher end ones are very light, meaning that they can improve quickness. However, they are associated with certain disadvantages, the main being that they don’t control rebounds well. They may also feel weak against faster shots and cause large rebounds. They are the most expensive goalie sticks.

Foam core goalie sticks don’t have any composite materials but are lined with thin wood and packed with foams. They are light and control rebounds quite well, even on hard shots. They are the most popular goalie sticks because of their lightness and responsiveness. When it comes to very hard shots to the paddle, foam core goalie sticks may dent rather than split, crack, or chatter. Also, they last longer than either wood or composite goalie sticks. The cost of a typical foam core is in between composite and wood.

According to the above analysis based on materials and performance, the best goalie sticks among the three is foam core. This is because of its favorable cost, durability, reliability, as well as comfort.

Weight And Balance

Most of the times, weight and balance are a more important consideration than the paddle length or curve. The best goalie stick should allow the goaltender to move quickly while holding it in his hand without compromising his ability to make the usual goaltender moves.

Shaft Height

Goalie sticks are built with a specific balance point that can be altered if a portion of the shaft is cut down. Altering it in any way will inevitably compromise its performance. You should, therefore, buy the right size of goalie stick does not need to be changed.


33,nxcjjfhThis is also an important consideration to make when choosing a goalie stick. A flatter curve is most ideal when it comes to controlling rebounds. However, it makes passing more difficult. Also, most of the times, the goaltender is deflecting pucks rather than to passing. This means that a flatter curve is most ideal for most goaltenders. However, this will depend on personal preferences.…